BioMakerNetwork – University Biomaking Labs

We are part of a growing network and community of university BioMakers and BioLabs across the United States! To join or add your name to the list and meet with us see this spreadsheet! If you’d like to talk more with us or join our cross-university meetings email biomakers-exec AT mit DOT edu.

Current Members of the Network:

  • MIT BioMakers
  • Stanford BIOME
  • Johns Hopkins Agara Bio
  • UC Davis BioInnovation Group
  • Harvey Mudd Polymerspace
  • … in progress…

Initiatives undergoing:

  • Inter-university ideathon (stay tuned for Fall 2020)
  • Weekly journal clubs
  • BioMakerGuide: how to start up, fund, and remotely sustain your campus biomakerspace + community
  • A collaborative online platform to share project ideas + support each other: BioCollaboratory (coming soon!)

Join our Slack here!