In addition to acting as a place for students to explore their own ideas, the BioMakerspace also functions as a teaching lab in the Department of Bioengineering and hosts multiple classes during the semester. Refer to the MIT Course Catalog for current class listings.

10.A01/20.A06: Making for Chemical/Biological Engineers, Hands on!

What can biological engineers make? Engineers build, tinker, invent, and solve; we learn through the successes and failures of doing and MAKING! In this first-year advising seminar, students pick two hands-on projects for the semester and gain valuable experience in the lab as well as explore different topics of interest. Projects include Water Reuse, DNA Technology, Biomaker TV, Bio-Electrochemical Systems, and many more!

20.381: Biological Engineering Design II

Continuation of 20.380 that focuses on practical implementation of design proposals. Student teams choose a feasible scope of work related to their 20.380 design proposals and execute it in the lab.