Community Projects

Have less experience and open to joining an ongoing project? Have experience and an idea, but hoping to form a team?

Community projects are student-led projects that are open to new members. They are a great opportunity for individuals who have some wet-lab experience or have participated in workshops and classes to quickly jump into an established project and develop their skills, without having to come up with a detailed project proposal themselves.

Project leaders help train incoming team members in lab skills and in turn receive help on their projects. Upon joining a project, students begin lab orientation and will receive further instructions from project leaders on how they can get involved.

Current Community Projects

Our community projects are still in development! If you are interested in developing or testing a workshop for the BioMakerspace, or turning a project idea into a community project, please submit the Project Proposal form and reach out to Justin Buck ( If you are interested in participating in a community project, stop by one of the BioMakers Student Group meetings for up-to-date information, or email us at

  • BioWall–Casual community project for the lounge space
  • Wet lab community projects still in development!