Meet the Executive Team

BioMakers Executive Team

The MIT BioMakers Executive Team helps run events, workshops, and projects in the space and continues to work to build out the bio-making community at MIT and collaborate with organizations beyond MIT! They are the team to ask for questions about starting your project, events/workshops/classes you would like to see, and here for you.

Geoffrey Enwere: Co-Chair

I’m Geoffrey, a sophomore in Course 20 (Biological Engineering) and one of the co-chairs of the MIT BioMakers! I currently UROP in the Community Biotechnology Initiative in the Media Lab genetically engineering microorganisms to fabricate novel biomaterials and in the Church Lab at Harvard developing genomic edits to facilitate cell-cell fusion. Outside of my academics, I am a history enthusiast and dumpster diver!

Sofia Lara: Co-Chair

My name is Sofia Lara and I am a course 20 sophomore. I like to read and play tennis on my free time, and my interests include cancer immunology and medicine. I like cats, matcha, and al dente pasta.

Kyra Henriques: Collaborations Director

Hi! I’m Kyra Henriques, and I’m a first-year student majoring in Biological Engineering (Course 20) and Computer Science (Course 6-3). My passion lies in addressing global health challenges by combining engineering and biology. I’m committed to making healthcare more accessible by developing affordable therapeutics and diagnostic methods. As part of MIT BioMakers, I lead the club’s external affairs, collaborating with other organizations and companies within MIT, other universities, and the biotechnology industry. Outside of MIT BioMakers, I work as a researcher in the Langer/Traverso lab at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research focusing on targeted drug delivery research. I’m also actively involved in MIT iGEM, MIT Biotech Group, MIT Society of Women Engineers, and MIT Hacking Medicine.

Valeria Mejia: Treasurer

Hello! I’m Valeria. I’m a first-year at MIT majoring in Chemical-Biological Engineering. I currently work at the Hammond Lab in the Koch Institute focusing on developing nanoparticles to target ovarian cancer. I specifically evaluate synergistic effects between siRNAs and small-molecule drugs on these cancer cells. Outside of the lab, I am also involved in the Latino Cultural Center, MIT Biotech Group, and Number Six.

Alana Power: Secretary

Hi everyone! My name is Alana and I’m a freshman planning to study 2A-20 (biomechanical engineering). I’m currently working with the Kamm Mechanobiology Lab on a microphysiological skin model to test therapeutics delivery. Aside from being in BioMakers, I am also a member of the MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team, the MIT Biotech group, and the MIT iGEM team.

Rachel Lee: Publicity Director

I’m Rachel Lee and I am a sophomore in course 10B. I am publicity director for BioMakers and interested in making bioengineering more accessible to people interested in biology! I am UROPing in the Galloway Lab where I work on illuminating the transcriptional effect of promoter orientions in genetic circuits. I am also involved in AIChE and the Biotech Group.

Hannah Tejada: Social Events Director

Hi! My name’s Hannah and I’m a 27′ Course 20 that is really interested in cellular development and viral therapies! On campus, I’m involved in ESP, BioMakers (as you can probably tell), and am a Manus Metropolis mentor! I also work in the Voigt Lab on a UROP that explores the effects of bioremediation on environments, and its possible applications in water treatment. Off campus, I’m also one of Simmon’s Social Chairs, enjoy biking around Boston, and like to read science fiction and fantasy series!

Managers of the BioMaker Space

Justin Buck, PhD: MIT Instructor & BioMaker Space Manager 

Dr. Buck is a “Busineerist” (Businessman + Engineer + Scientist = Busineerist™); he is a life-long entrepreneur, engineer by training, and a scientist by [fortunate] accident.

Justin was a co-founder of Cambrian Innovation, Inc., an environmental product and service company specializing in biological wastewater treatment for the industrial food and beverage market.  Justin served as the CTO of Cambrian Innovation for 12 years, and at various times in the company history, he led the R&D, Engineering, and Field Operations departments.  Justin also managed the company intellectual property portfolio and serves on the Board of Directors.  Justin stepped down from his full-time role at Cambrian Innovation in 2018 to pursue other interests, and in 2019 joined the Departments of Biological Engineering and Chemical Engineering at MIT as an Instructor, primarily focused on directing the new campus BioMakerspace.

Justin received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and his PhD in Biological Engineering from MIT.  In addition to his roles at Cambrian Innovation, Justin has held roles across the spectrum of engineering activities ranging from AutoCAD draftsman, to plant small project improvement (TICA) engineer at Dow Chemical, to Process Engineer in the Oil and Gas Group at Washington Group International (later acquired by URS Corporation and then AECOM).

Photo of Justin Buck.