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A lively community and home to biomaking projects for MIT engineers of all interests and levels of experience.

The MIT BioMakers was created to inspire biomaking in the MIT community and foster interdisciplinary work and research. We are here to collaborate with students in developing their own projects while also giving them a space to accomplish this and a community to grow with and learn from. We host a variety of events, projects, and classes for the MIT community and are part of a growing network of biomakerspaces across university campuses.  

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Current Classes Unfortunately we are not holding any classes at the moment. Instead, please check out our virtual seminars related to Covid-19. Previous Classes The MIT BioMaker Group holds student workshops every IAP. From working in a lab for the first time to creating your own project, our workshops are open to all students interested […]


Honey Microneedles  This project is started by Dr. Galit Frydman at the Center for Biomedical Engineering and was brought in as a community project for the BioMaker Space. Because of the beneficial nature of Manuka honey in being a bactericidal and soothing agent for wounds, we are working on perfecting the production of microneedles with […]

Former Projects

Kelo: Integrate large DNA pieces Students will be developing a new technology that is able to modify the DNA of living cells. An existing technology, CRISPR/Cas9 can delete DNA as needed from cells both in a dish and in animals, but this technology is limited as to the size of the DNA sequence it can […]

Meet the Team

BioMakers Executive Team The MIT BioMakers Executive Team helps run events, workshops, and projects in the space and continues to work to build out the biomaking community at MIT and collaborate with organizations beyond MIT! They are the team to ask for questions about starting your project, events/workshops/classes you would like to see, and here […]

Our Initiatives

Education One of our main missions is to make biology exciting and accessible to those with little or life science background through maker-learning. We achieve this by fostering an environment of mentorship and community teaching amongst our members and organizing workshop and project-based classes to equip biomakers with the skills needed to pursue independent projects. […]


If you have any questions, send a message to biomakers-exec@mit.edu

Equity and Social Action in Biomaking Seminars

March 16, 2021 – Dr. Louise Lassalle, Assistant Director of Life Design and the Johns Hopkins University, Communications Project Manager and the Open Insulin Foundation“Open Insulin: Addressing the Crisis” Recording link to come! April 6, 2021 – Malik and Miles George, MIT Department of Biological Engineering Class of 2022“Making STEM Accessible – The Importance of […]