What’s the difference between the Huang-Hobbs BioMaker Space and MIT BioMakers Student Group?

  • The Huang-Hobbs BioMaker Space refers to the physical space/lab in the basement of Building 26. Justin Buck is the manager of the space and questions about using it or what equipment it has will be answered by him.
  • The student group is in charge of building the community of undergrads and grads who use the lab space and hang out in the lounge. We hold seminars, kickoff events, and collaborate with other biology/engineering organizations on and off campus, like Cambridge Science Fair and the MIT Biotech Group.

Huang-Hobbs BioMaker Space

It is like the biology equivalent of a traditional makerspace. It has a fully decked out BL2 biological lab along with capacity for chemical engineering projects. There is a TC room, chem hood, storage space for projects, glove box, etc. There is also a very nice lounge area with coffee and lounges for napping and places for psetting.
It is located in the basement of the Building 26, 26-035. The lounge is located in 26-033.
You can take part in mini-workshops which don’t require any prior biological lab experience, and you can jump right in to do a quick experiment in a few hours. There are also community projects you can join which have a student “advisor” or team leader and often take place over a semester. This is for people with moderate experience but don’t want to commit to an entirely new project. If you have your own idea and either have an enthusiastic team or yourself, swing by our space and we can try to make it a reality!
You can talk to anybody currently on the exec board. Our project liaison is Jenny. You can also bring any technical questions to Justin, who is the manager of the Huang-Hobbs BioMaker Space. He is like the overall PI for any projects that’ll happen there.
You will be doing the same training you will need for other bio-engineering UROPs. The training will still be good for future UROPs if you decide to do those after working in the BioMaker Space. We will also have all projects vetted by Justin, the space manager. This will include feasibility of the project, finding funding, and getting EHS approval.

BioMakers Student Group

Generally speaking, we are a group of undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in biology, chemistry, engineering and honestly everything else. We have people interested in lots of different things from physics to computer science to education to international relations, but at the core we have a shared interest for cool biology and chemistry and using it to solve or think about issues.
During the semester, we will have weekly meetings for the exec and student group. You can also join our mailing list here!
No worries! A biology background is not a prerequisite to swing by and get started. We highly encourage people who are simply interested in poking around in or with biology to get started here. You can consider us the launching pad to learn more/explore more with biology!
Keep looking around our website or feel free to email us at biomakers-exec AT mit DOT edu!