BioMakerNetwork – University Biomaking Labs

We are part of a growing network and community of university BioMakers and BioLabs across the United States! If you’d like to talk more with us or join our cross-university meetings email biomakers-exec AT mit DOT edu.

Current Members of the Network:

  • MIT BioMakers
  • Stanford BIOME
  • Johns Hopkins Agara Bio
  • UC Davis BioInnovation Group
  • Harvey Mudd Polymerspace
  • … in progress…

Initiatives undergoing:

  • Inter-university ideathon
  • Weekly journal clubs
  • BioMakerGuide: how to start up, fund, and remotely sustain your campus biomakerspace + community
  • A collaborative online platform to share project ideas + support each other: BioCollaboratory (coming soon!)

Join our Slack here!