Our Initiatives


One of our main missions is to make biology exciting and accessible to those with little or life science background through maker-learning. We achieve this by fostering an environment of mentorship and community teaching amongst our members and organizing workshop and project-based classes to equip biomakers with the skills needed to pursue independent projects.

Check out the calendar on our Home page for upcoming workshops and events.

Community Projects

There are many opportunities for part-time participation in the lab for members of the community. The BioMakers student organization, dedicated BioMaker Space staff, the Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering departments, and space members cooperate to provide a support network of mentorship and support that makes these projects possible.

There are ready-made projects for people to step into after coming out of workshops, but the Huang-Hobbs Biomaker Space provides the tools for any community member to initiate their own original projects.

Fill out the form on our Apply page if you want to see your project grow in our space!

Community Outreach

The long term vision for the BioMakers is to create the basis for an inclusive culture of “misfit makers.” For this reason, we have dedicated ourselves to building bridges between our members and other communities on/off campus.

Check out the calendar on our Home page for upcoming workshops and events.

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