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  • Biomaker Biological Buddies
    Inspired by Cami M’s MIT blog post on blogger pets (, here we asked to share the biological organisms Biomakers are taking care of. Be sourdough starters, aquatic plants, axolotls, the goodest of cats, or younger siblings, we care for so much life! The challenge–see if you can match each species description to the picture […]
  • Major Confusion: or, What’s in a Course?
    By Rachel Shen At the end of their first year, MIT students declare their Course (aka major). At the end of my first year – and to some extent, even now as a Junior – I was still unsure.  I was talking to my friends in BioMakers exec recently about how they chose their courses. […]
  • The seeds for my current path
    By Rachel Shen This IAP has been unusually long. As the winter months stretch on, blending IAP into the two-week gap between the end of IAP and the beginning of the spring semester, I’ve found myself with more time to think about what I want to do as a scientist and how I got to […]
  • On my first ever 125 participant class
    Consider this as a story of how education changed after the lockdown in the eyes of a teacher (who is also a student), as well as an appreciation for one of the biggest student-run clubs at MIT known as the Educational Studies Program (ESP). ESP runs programs throughout the year for middle-school and high-school students. […]
  • Terrachip PALS – Designing a project
    Written by Rachel Shen and Janice Tjan Developing a project is difficult, but keeping a project going after moving off campus due to COVID-19 is even trickier. What does developing a project look like during remote learning and lack of access to any laboratory equipment? In this blog post, we’ll walk through what that process […]
  • Let’s get this carbohydrate?
    an appreciation blogpost for bread + quarantine exploration of kitchen biochemistry by Sangita Vasikaran I saw this a while back: Mood. I’ve always enjoyed baking and cooking, but during quarantine, I’ve chased this passion, and definitely have become associated with this pastime–so much so that my very traditional grandmother has named me (a 19 year […]