Major Confusion: or, What’s in a Course?

By Rachel Shen At the end of their first year, MIT students declare their Course (aka major). At the end of my first year – and to some extent, even now as a Junior – I was still unsure.  I was talking to my friends in BioMakers exec recently about how they chose their courses. […]

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The seeds for my current path

By Rachel Shen This IAP has been unusually long. As the winter months stretch on, blending IAP into the two-week gap between the end of IAP and the beginning of the spring semester, I’ve found myself with more time to think about what I want to do as a scientist and how I got to […]

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Terrachip PALS – Designing a project

Written by Rachel Shen and Janice Tjan Developing a project is difficult, but keeping a project going after moving off campus due to COVID-19 is even trickier. What does developing a project look like during remote learning and lack of access to any laboratory equipment? In this blog post, we’ll walk through what that process […]

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