The BioMakers Student Group

Who We Are

We, the BioMakers, are a group of undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in biology, chemistry, engineering, and honestly everything else. Although we are interested in lots of different things from physics to computer science to education to international relations, at our core is a shared interest for cool biology and chemistry and using it to solve or think about issues.

Join the BioMakers

A biology background is not a prerequisite to swing by and get started. We highly encourage people who are simply interested in poking around in or with biology to get started here. You can consider us to be the launching pad to learn more and explore more with biology!

During the semester, we have weekly meetings for the exec and student group on Mondays at 4 pm ET. You can email the BioMakers mailing list ( if you have any questions or would like to be added to the mailing list.

Learn More

Like the BioMaker Space Facebook page for info about the space and events being held!

Like the MIT BioMakers Facebook page for info about projects happening in the space, student/community events, and how to get involved!